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Online Safety Questions

February 14, 2014 · No Comments · Digital Media, School

These are questions about online safety i was asked to answer and then post here.


Who do you want to be online?

For the most part I would like to be myself.

What is a digital footprint and how can you control yours?

Don’t be too stupid, don’t go viral, don’t become a celebrity.

What recent embarrassing story of a celebrity has developed?

Rob ford doing drugs.

What are some strategies that you use to stay safe online?

Trust nobody (on the internet nobody knows you’re a dog), don’t download sketchy looking files, never take anything seriously ever.

Which category of people are the most vulnerable and why?

Stupid people.

Are offline and online risks any different and why?

You can’t really become a murder victim online so your health isn’t much of a concern but people can ruin your image quite easily.


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