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February 7, 2014 · 1 Comment · Inquiry, School

I am doing an inquiry where I am going to make a rock band guitar into a MIDI controller that makes sounds like a real guitar using this guide so I went through and got all the free programs listed there. I got GuitarRig 5 because GuitarRig 3 is out of date and I couldn’t find a proper copy of it. Now I have just one program left and of course it’s the program that actually has the guitar sounds in it and oh so conveniently IT DOESN’T WORK.

RealStrat. the last program that I try to install. does. not. work.

I have reinstalled it

I have run it as an administrator

I have run it in Windows XP Compatibility Mode

I have run it in Windows XP Compatibility Mode as an administrator

I have gone into the Application and a bunch of the .dll files’ properties and gave my user full control.

But i still get these 2 errors

god damnit


I will continue to attempt to get it working but right now it is not.


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